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There are over 30 million people with treatable blindness and hundreds of million with vision impairments. ReSight drives the positive cycle of change through vision. We partner with eye hospitals and vocational providers all over the world to allow underprivileged, blind people - the majority of whom are unemployed - the opportunity to gain the gift of vision AND a paying job. We then encourage these same patients to use their newly acquired vision, skills, and income to donate back to the organization and "ReSight" someone else. Lack of vision is one of the few debilitating conditions in developing countries and causes an almost complete loss of employability. With vision, however, the world opens up. We find youth from the slums who have vision problems, partner and donate money to hospitals who treat them, work with vocational trainers to give them skills, help them in job placement, and finally ask the patients to give back. The cycle works. And repeats.