Behailu Academy

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451 E. 36th Street
United States

About Us


Behailu Academy empowers youth to find and use their voices through the arts, academic support, and community service. Behailu works with middle and high school youth living in communities with high rates of poverty and limited resources during out of school time hours. We aim to prepare teens to become active members of society in an environment that builds confidence and character, promotes healthy decision making, and fosters a sense of personal and social responsibility.


Behailu's daily out of school time program provides youth with visual, performing, and digital art classes, tutoring, mentoring, and community service opportunities. Our programs are free to youth that qualify and meals and transportation are provided. Our Beyond Behailu program provides workshops design to build the skills necessary for teens to be successful beyond high school graduation. Workshops focus on the skills needed to navigate post-secondary education opportunities, secure employment, live independently, and increase financial literacy. It is our goal to provide youth with the education, experiences, and opportunities necessary to broaden their perspectives about what they believe is possible for their future.


Behailu Academy’s goals

·     Empower youth to find their voice, follow their dreams, and live up to their potential

·     Provide high quality, arts based instruction for teens to encourage creativity, foster self- expression, and develop critical thinking skills

·     Engage participants in community service projects to develop a sense of social responsibility

·     Increase teens’ access and exposure to enrichment, education, and employment opportunities

·     Prepare teens for life beyond high school by focusing on skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and the world