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Man evolved with fantastic talent and diversity, yet we still have serious problems to solve from climate change to poverty to inequality. Starting now this is going to change! With the growing use of technology and increasing connectivity, there has never been a better moment to make positive change happen. From Africa to Brazil to the United States, everyone is finding a way to become connected. The next generation will shift how we solve things and what was the norm will be different and we will do this – together


We need it NOW! We need you and your talent and diversity.

We see a world that gives everyone an opportunity to develop and to use their talent. We will raise your aspirations and help you find global peers, resources, mentors, and inspiration. We can't afford for anyone's talent to go unnoticed or underutilized.

Those who are complacent need not apply. At World Merit, we focus on helping emerging leaders – young people with the drive and willpower to make a difference.

We will connect you, we will inspire you, we will support you. Now, show us and the world what you can do.