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About Us

MNIA, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was founded as a result of the need to promote education and to seek global advancement for African Woman. It was also started as an initiative to develop programs for a better quality of life for African women. It was an idea to celebrate women and the opportunity to impact the lives of many.

MNIA seeks to empower women to provide resources, services, programs, and research that addresses a diverse range of needs, interests and concerns in Nigeria. MNIA Executives work hard to support women’s participation in regional, national, and global community service through the various partnerships with organizations that support women empowerment. MNIA also promotes equality by challenging imbalances of power based on gender and other social factors, such as race, class, and age within and beyond Nigeria and Africa.

Mission "Service and Commitment to the Communities that we Serve.”

Vision "To Empower Women Through Globalization and Education.”