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Casale Monferrato

About Us

Serydarth is a small organization that organize some events and manage an Intercultural Center.

You can come as guest, or as a volunteer.

At the moment, as a volunteer you can come for 5 days and then... (?) . There will be no plans, and I like to let the things to happen spontaneously, if they have to happen, enjoying and living the present moment is the main work.

Then if you want, if there is possibility, if will happen you can: take care of the Intercultural Center or the house where you will be hosted, of the guest, helping organizing events, interacting with the local community, offering your skills, garden or house cleaning, cultural promotion, ecc... To do nothing, can also happen. :)

You can write to

You can check our websites:, and become our friend in facebook: if you want to see pictures. Also we are in Couchsurfing: