Cheetah Outreach

  • Western Cape


De Beer’s Avenue
Somerset West
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

About Us

The work of the Cheetah Outreach Trust is focused in four key areas: environmental education, reduction of wildlife-human conflict through applied and effective in situ (field-based) strategies, advocacy for the elimination of illegal trade using the South African DNA studbook (hosted by Cheetah Outreach) as a monitoring tool for legitimacy of animals traded and research. At our facility we work with our ambassador cheetahs to encourage people to gain a greater understanding of the plight of these magnificent animals. 

The primary in-situ conservation action delivered by Cheetah Outreach Trust is the Livestock Guarding Dog Programme, established in 2005 with the specific aim of reducing predator-livestock conflict through the placement and monitoring of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in free-ranging cheetah territory. It is this dedication to partnering with farmers and monitoring dogs which is responsible for the high level of success achieved by the programme.

Operating from our home in the Western Cape of South Africa, we provide a tourism, visitor based opportunity as well as hosting on-site curriculum linked educational activities for learners and teachers.