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About Us

SAWs provides high-quality, removable and reusable wooden ramps for individuals in wheelchairs, on scooters or walkers who face insurmountable obstacles at their front door and do not have the resources to free themselves from their own homes.  A second part of our mission is to establish partnerships with and be a resource to organizations that provide safe housing, community development and job or skills training for those they serve, particularly veterans and at-risk youth. We seek to translate the joy-filled moment someone regains their freedom into a life changing experience for the volunteers as well as for those we serve. As a result of 12 years of success, SAWs has drawn inquiries from Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Kentucky as well as Oregon, Alabama, Virginia and New York. SAWs is committed to pursue these inquiries by expanding its footprint to become a national catalyst in bringing hope and the promise of a fuller and more active life to the physically impaired. Recently, SAWs signed a partnership agreement with The Fuller Center for Housing to become a national nonprofit.