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About Us

To liberate human potential in challenged communities, I-LEAD strengthens leadership and creates breakthrough learning via innovative curriculum, access to higher education and charter schools.

Focusing on Pennsylvania's most challenged communities with respect to economic success, educational achievement, health status, and safety, our vision is to increase human capacity in these communities, to enable individuals to live up to their potential, and their communities to benefit from the increased capacity.

This is accomplished by focusing on three central goals:

  • Helping our students build and practice a repertoire of important leadership skills—the skills entailed in effective dialogue, negotiation, creative leadership, systems thinking, speaking as a leader, and ethical leadership.
  • Helping our students master certain bodies of supplemental information required for effective leadership, including knowledge of public systems, private systems, political leadership, group dynamics, and understanding technology.
  • Assisting our students, partners and clients in envisioning and achieving tangible community-based leadership initiatives, in the areas of community leadership, education, community health, and technology proficiency.