California Dance Education Association

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About Us

Mission & Goals

CDEA is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the artistic and educational advancement of dance as a discrete art form. The organization is the representative body for linking interests of dance educators, dance artists, dance related professionals and students, and serves as a liaison and representative to local, regional, state, and national arts organizations.

Goal 1: Provide ongoing relevant planned professional development
Goal 2: Promote rigorous sequential comprehensive teaching and learning
Goal 3: Advocate for appropriate licensure
Goal 4: Maintain strong vocal advocacy
Goal 5: Implement a diverse responsive infrastructure
Goal 6: Develop comprehensive inclusive accessible web resources
Goal 7: Build deep broad collaborative relationships
Goal 8: Cultivate an engaged informed increasing membership

CDEA is committed to:

  • Supporting and promoting quality dance teaching in multiple settings and promoting opportunities and access to in-depth professional development towards that aim.
  • Establishing dance as an integral part of the curricula for preschool though post secondary education.
  • Implementing the Visual and Performing Arts Framework and content standards for California schools.
  • Working to obtain/reinstate a credential for dance educators which emphasizes high standards in the presentation of dance as a discrete art form.