United Community Foundation

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6633 24th Avenue
United States

About Us

The mission of United Community Foundation Incorporate is to revitalize and redevelop forgotten and rundown communities by providing its citizens with educational, legal, housing, medical and social service needs. We provide these services for underserved area in the Prince Georges County and Baltimore City communities and eventually all of Maryland and Nationwide.

United Community Foundation organization works on the behalf of low and very low income individuals and families. We locate communities that do not have enough useful resources to better, revitalize, or educate the area. United Community Foundation also works on the behalf of the government, local organizations and communities by providing jobs, community stability, children programs and local stores to help out these communities that would normally need additional assistance.

United Community Foundation locates the needs of a community and provides either the program or services needed. We provide assistance to all individuals who are in need of assistants or who can not find a means or suitable resources to help better their community and self.