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About Us

C3 Collaborating for Health’s vision is for a world where there are no premature or preventable deaths from chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) because people find it easier to live healthy lives.

Each year, 70% of deaths globally are from just four major NCDs – cardiovascular disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes and chronic lung disease. 17 million of those deaths are of the under-70s, many of working age with families to support. Despite this, NCDs are under-reported, under-acknowledged and under-funded.

Founded in 2009 in a time when healthcare was largely equated with disease and sickness, C3 Collaborating for Health has helped shift the focus to prevention and wellbeing by addressing NCDs and their risk factors before people fall sick or need care.

C3 fosters multi-sector Collaboration to catalyse action in the global community, to promote 3 behaviour changes:

·      Improving diet and avoiding harmful alcohol use

·      Stopping smoking

·      Increasing physical activity

Bringing together ‘unusual suspects’ from our global network of over 2,500 professionals in 70+ countries to encourage behaviour change for NCD prevention is at the core of C3’s work. Our projects focus on:

·      local communities;

·      businesses;

·      health professionals, particularly nurses;

·      and workplace health.

These varied projects are connected by their focus on the three risk factors, and reflect our years of expertise in strategy consulting, research, and writing; evaluation; content-rich events; and creation and management of influential networks, partnerships and collaborations.

Together, we can make it easier to live healthy lives. Join us today at www.c3health.org