ARED - Sliven


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About Us

ARED - Sliven is registered as a non-profit organization in 1998. With a decision of the Sliven District Court from 17 December 2001 the Agency is re-registered in public benefit in accordance with the Law from Non-profit Legal Entities.

We assist in the establishment and activities of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises to constantly increase their competitiveness and their access to global markets,as well as to facilitate the process of Sliven Region's EU integration through ensuring complex expert, consultative and technical support to business, citizens and public institutions.

Chief activities of the agency ARED - Sliven are:

• Development of programs and projects for financing.

• Information support for SMEs

• Preparations of company strategies for human resources management

• Staff selection

• Training and seminars

• Consulting services

• Specialized assistance and relations with the local institutions upon investor interest

• Active promoting of Sliven and the Region before potential foreign investors

• Contacts and collaboration with the organizations and the structures working in the area of economic development of the Region, the country and abroad.

• Maintaining of relations between the companies in view of joint solving of the arising problems

• Organizing of meetings of SMEs with representatives of the state administration, institutes and business from the country and abroad

• Recommendations from the Agency to partner organizations for applying for project - financing.

• Organizing of visits to exhibitions and trade fairs, dissemination of advertising materials for the respective company at these exhibitions.

• Providing of information for upcoming forums, statistical data, consultations and training on specialized subjects in the SME area.

• Organizing of seminars and discussions on the above-mentioned topics.

• Marketing research

• Commercial brand registration and intermediation in that field.

• Organizing of courses

• Development of a client profile, a business plan for the launching of a business.

• Providing information on tenders for projects financed by donor organizations in the SME and NGO sector.

• Development of regional employment programmes.