Fundacja Alter Edu

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About Us

Fundacja Alter Edu is a Polish non-profit organisation focused on creating non-formal learning environment for children, youth and adults to develop a wide range of skills and abilities. We run community centres in two villages located in the municipality of Zagnańsk, near the city of Kielce in which we offer to disadvantaged members of our local community a variety of after-school and leisure time activities, such as sport, dance, music, languages, robotics, art, juggling or DIY workshops, etc. Our aim is to inspire people to be active by introducing them to new forms of spending their free time and helping them to develop new skills.

Also, we are active in the field of culture and human rights. Every year around May/June we organise a Documentary Film Festival in Kielce during which we present selected films focused on human rights and run debates with invited experts, as well as Intercultural Open-Air Cinema in the summer when we show films from different countries/cultures in the ruins of old steel works.