Texas Volunteer Management Conference

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About Us

The Texas Volunteer Management Conference is an annual event hosted by the North Texas Volunteer Center (www.vcnt.org), the Dallas Association of Directors of Volunteers (www.dadv.org), and the Tarrant County Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (www.doviatarrantcounty.com).Throughout its twenty-two year history, the conference has consistently received high evaluation marks from attendees for its educational value on topics of management trends, volunteerism and personal development. The conference is noted for workshops facilitated by trainers and leaders who are outstanding in their field.

Conference attendees are managers who oversee the recruitment, screening, training, placement and evaluation of volunteers in their agencies. While most of the agencies are non profit organizations, some are publicly funded agencies such as various state agencies, parks and recreation, museums, hospitals and public schools. Volunteer administrators work in areas such as healthcare, aging, education, homelessness, crisis, immigration/refugees, family violence, drug abuse, day care, art appreciation, the environment, and others. In addition, these administrators must deal with current issues and trends that affect society and impact the volunteer population base.