Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program

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About Us

MCHIP’s vision is to accelerate the reduction of maternal, newborn and child mortality in the 30 USAID priority countries facing the highest disease burden.

Building on program experience and lessons learned (from ACCESS, BASICS, IMMUNIZATIONbasics, POPPHI, ACCESS-FP, and Child Survival Technical Support Plus [CSTS+]), MCHIP addresses major causes of mortality, including malnutrition, by:

  • Implementing high impact, effective interventions at scale, based on the country context and using global and local data;
  • Using innovative program approaches to achieve country MNCH goals including performance-based financing, community insurance schemes, and public-private partnerships;
  • Building global consensus and sustained government commitment to support results-oriented, high-impact, effective MNCH interventions;
  • Influencing country programs to incorporate effective, feasible, high-impact interventions and approaches based on global evidence;
  • Maximizing the use of local programs supported by MCHIP to advance field-based program learning and innovation; and
  • Strategically integrating critical interventions into existing services and wrap-around programs.

By scaling up evidence-based high impact maternal, newborn, and children health interventions we aim to help reduce maternal and child mortality by 25% across these 30 priority countries through field-based implementation and global leadership.

MCHIP Strategic Approach MCHIP’s overall strategic approach is guided by five interrelated principles:

  • Scaling up proven interventions
  • Maximizing the use of core and mission resources with a phased-country approach to achieve integrated programming, where feasible
  • Building on existing efforts of bilaterals, national programs, and global and regional partners
  • Ensuring a focus on evidence generation through program learning and knowledge management
  • Taking a global leadership role in areas where MCHIP occupies a unique niche in the global community.