Peconic Baykeeper

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About Us

Peconic Baykeeper is the only member-supported organization exclusively dedicated to protecting and restoring Long Island's drinkable, swimmable & fishable waters. Baykeeper uses science, education and law to defend critical watersheds from the tips of the Twin Forks through the Great South Bay. An independent non-profit in the Waterkeeper Movement, Peconic Baykeeper works actively with civic groups, baymen, businesses, children and the community at large to advance our mission.


Peconic Baykeeper’s mission is to protect and restore the South Shore and Peconic estuaries of Long Island, NY through working to improve water quality and productivity in these ecosystems while emphasizing the intrinsic connection between our bays and our communities. Our organization has grown as an effective, scientific and progressive advocate, both in the public eye and in our organizational capacity. Established in 1998 through the collective efforts of a coalition of organizations, Peconic Baykeeper became the 19th Keeper program sanctioned by the Waterkeeper Alliance. In line with the Waterkeeper mantra, Peconic Baykeeper is essentially a grassroots organization, actively representing our constituency in the public process.

In carrying out our mission, Peconic Baykeeper responds regularly to citizen concerns and inquiries, conducts public education initiatives, participates in the development of progressive conservation and management policies and enforces the laws that protect water quality and estuarine habitats. Fundamental to our work is the maintenance of an on-water patrol presence and a first-hand knowledge of the estuarine conditions.