Butterfly Project NYC

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1350 Broadway, Suite 203
New York
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About Us

Butterfly Project NYC, is a grass roots, volunteer-led organization of New Yorkers with a common goal - to promote and assist in the planting and preservation of native plants in urban, public spaces in order to create and strengthen resources for and education about native pollinators. By collaborating with local, city and state organizations, Butterfly Project NYC seeks to advance efforts to sustain and increase habitat suitable for local wildlife.

Butterfly Project NYC will enter its 10th year in existence in 2013. The organization is a program of the Open Space Institute and has a strong reputation in NYC, particularly in the Bronx for supporting school and community gardeners in their efforts to grow native plants to attract beneficial pollinators and to educate on those subjects. Our partners include New York Botanical Garden's Bronx Green Up Program, International Refugee Committee, NYC Wildflower Week, Rocking the Boat, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and NYC Housing Authority's Greening Program among others.