Round Lake Camp

  • NJ


21 Plymouth Street
United States

About Us

The New Jersey "Y" camps have operated Jewish sleepaway camps since 1920. Our camps are located in the Pocono Mountains of Milford and Lake Como, Pennsylvania, and each camp is designed to work with a specific population. The staff and program are such that every camper has the opportunity to enjoy a full camp experience based on hi'her individual needs.

Round Lake Camp serves children with special needs ages 7-18 on our beautiful Milford campus. Round Lake Camp provides an opportunity for children with a wide range of needs to experience success. Our activities are diverse and varied and include many elective options. Campers live in dedicated bunks within our mainstream camps affording them the ability to participate in mainstream activities and social settings in a highly structured and supervised manner. Facilities include sports centers, dance studios, pools, a lake, ropes course, and various studios. Our GIG certified, Gluten Free kosher kitchen allow us to prepare quality meals and snacks for campers who are on a gluten free diet.

Round Lake Camp staff is carefully selected based on their experience with our population, educational background and their desire to work in an intensive environment. All staff attends a week-long training program and receive on-going training through weekly meetings and daily supervision on the job.

Each year we hire general counselors, social workers, speech and occupational therapists and activity specialists.