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About Us

At InnovatingSMART, we connect young professionals with the innovators of today, breathing fresh air into the sustainability community, and creating an environment for future SMART innovation to occur. We define "SMART" innovation as:

(S)ystems-savvy, (M)anaged intelligently, (A)daptive, (R)egenerative and (T)rusted.

These are the specific qualities we believe are key to creating sustainable systems.

OUR MISSION: To promote change for a sustainable, regenerative world through cross-generational dialogue and first-person stories of SMART design and innovation. While doing so, we develop ourselves for SMART careers, and prepare to become the SMART innovators of tomorrow.

Join our Team of young professional interns, and help us build, improve and evolve InnovatingSMART!

InnovatingSMART is a non-profit project, hosted by the Sustainovation project ( of Plant! (