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Kings club International is a worldwide organization carrying out community and humanitarian projects. we Develop relationships with both local and international community and business leaders. KINGS INTERNATIONAL believes in promoting non-violence and protecting human rights. Kings clubs participates in a vast variety of projects important to their communities ,including visitations and assistance to the less privilege homes and , helping the poor and providing supplies to victims of natural disasters. Kings International is an affiliated partner of the International Peace Commission, IPC which is a consultative intergovernmental organization of the United Nations and UNEP,United Nations Environmental Program. We are dedicated to influencing the processes towards world peace by promoting human rights, the advancement of women, global prosperity and moral development. We work with the community, business and government to protect, restore and sustain our environment. Kings club will also be a strong voice for the voiceless, promoting solutions through research, consultation, education and partnerships, round the world. Our work is based on the principles of non-partisanship and non-interference in the internal affairs of government. The purpose of Kings Club international Is to create opportunities for people of all races, irrespective of country or colour, to create opportunities, where greater creativity can be enhanced, for the betterment of individual development and their communities and countries, to promote better relations between all people through friendship and service. Kings club is a non partisan and non religious, peaceful and friendly club.

.kings international, being a service club organization, believes in grassroots orientation. With several charitable visits to the less privilege homes, scholarships to the less privilege children, the kings foundation, has always been there ,when help is needed most. our slogan has always been- discovering new possibilities. Kings …for peace .

Kings international : Defender of the defenceless Around the world millions of children, women, and men are persecuted or denied basic human rights. Minority groups are discriminated against and denied education. Children and women are sexually exploited. Often, these vulnerable groups have nowhere to go for help. Kings international is dedicated to protecting the vulnerable wherever they can be found in the world. By working with governments and establishing educational programs in countries around the world, Kings international is the staunch defender of children who are sold to be sex workers, of women who must fight for the chance to learn to read, and for the millions of others around the world who suffer in silence.

Family support

Poverty threatens the wellbeing of families all over the world. Children are left without parents or a way to survive, and often end up on the street. Kings international steps in to be the family they don't have, providing food, shelter, and love. Adults and children often lack the education and literacy they need to be successful. Kings international seeks to empower children and give those who missed schooling opportunities a chance for a new beginning through education.

Kings international helps and encourage the women to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. Kings international also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives

Saving Lives/Good Health

Health is at the very core of much of the world's poverty and suffering. Deadly diseases like AIDS and malaria are absolutely devastating in many areas, leaving parents without children, and many orphans who must fend for themselves. Kings international is lowering the incidence of horrific diseases like these by teaching methods of prevention. Lack of clean water and good sanitation, something that is often taken for granted, can debilitate entire villages with waterborne illnesses. By digging new wells and building sanitation systems, Kings international helps prevent many of the common medical problems that plague communities.

Emergency reliefs

In the wake of emergencies such as wars, hurricanes, famines, floods, or earthquakes thousands are forced out of their homes and left destitute. Often, they lack basic necessities like food, water, and shelter. Kings international works to prevent further lose of life by responding quickly to evaluate the greatest needs, and then developing plans to get help to the areas where it is needed most. Often, Kings international coordinates with local governments to provide medical care, food, water, and shelter to victims of tragedies. In the midst of civil conflicts Kings international is there, providing aid to those affected on both sides. Kings international knows that these victims need more than just a rapid response, that's why Kings international also establishes long-term programs to help affected areas recover.

Agriculture and Natural Resources Kings international helps families produce more food and increase their income while managing their natural resources and preserving the environment for future generations. Kings international works with farmers to increase their crop and livestock yields through activities such as planting new seed varieties, animal husbandry, home gardening and irrigation. Cross-Cutting Initiatives Kings international 's cross-cutting initiatives span across the breadth of our program sectors to tackle the underlying causes of poverty, and place special emphasis on working with women and girls to create lasting social change. For example, the Sport for Social Change Initiative, uses the convening power of sports as a vehicle to minimize the effects of poverty on youth while working to advance gender equality, develop life skills, promote health education, provide psychosocial support and create income-generating activities. Economic Development Kings international 's economic development programs assist impoverished families by supporting moneymaking activities, especially those operated by women. Kings international initiates community savings-and-loan programs and provides technical training to help people begin or expand small businesses that will increase family income. Kings international seeks to challenge unjust systems and promote the common good, addressing the structural causes of poverty. Kings international believes that economic structures should put people before profit; we support fairer trade, further debt cancellation and increased aid,more wisely spent.

The fallout from the 2008/2009 global economic crisis pushed more vulnerable communities into extreme poverty. The poor in Ethiopia were badly hit. Kings international Africa said that the garment industry, construction, tourism and agriculture had all been affected. As factories closed and unemployment rose, more people were in need of their services, while aid levels dropped.

An increasing number of people in Europe and North America faced poverty in 2009 due to the global economic crisis. Thirteen percent of Italy's 58 million people were considered poor, according to Kings international Italy, with a rising number just above the poverty line. The situation was similar in the rest of Europe. Children, the elderly, unemployed and disabled were particularly hard-hit. Higher food and fuel prices meant that working and retired people were also in need of help. "Some families have real trouble making their income last until the end of the month," said Maureen Okoronkwo of Kings international Italy. Kings International is an affiliated member of the International Peace Commission,in a consultative statute with the United Nations. Chief Don Alexander,jp is the current Vice-President(Africa) of the IPC.

Kings club International is a worldwide organization carrying out community and humanitarian projects. we Develop relationships with both local and international community and business leaders. KINGS INTERNATIONAL believes in…

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