Owl Hollow Farm

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10908 S Hunt Rd
Lone Jack

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About Us

At OHF we endeavor to provide a place of safety, acceptance and healing for children in need through equine assisted therapy sessions. We also actively maintain programs to bring horses back to health and bring joy and hope to children.

Each child that comes to Owl Hollow Farm is paired with a horse and a mentor that best fits their personality and needs. For approximately 60 minutes the child may groom, feed or just sit and talk to the horse under the constant supervision of their mentor. It is our goal to help the child and the horse become comfortable with this interaction.

Riding is not our primary goal, healing is. By learning to care for a pet, children can build their self-confidence and learn independence and responsibility. From there they can begin to care for their own emotional needs, which may not have been previously addressed.

We teach FREE eight-week sessions from April through October each year. These session are intended to help each participant succeed and learn the skills listed above. For more information about our program activities and the services we offer, visit our website www.ohfkids.com or call us at  816-668-0926