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About Us

The mission of The Eden Plan is to end hunger, poverty and homelessness through education and creating green, environmentally-friendly, self-sustained communities and gardens where basic needs (e.g: food, money and shelter) are met through working together. The Eden Plan recognizes that despite the trillions of dollars spent every year on hunger, poverty and homelessness, all of these problems continue to get worse. That is why we are creating 3 new programs that take drastically different approaches than the ones of the past and present. Instead of begging for ones needs, work will be given to acquire them. Instead of costing more every year, these programs will cost less, as people working for their needs will be given work to repay their cost of being in the program.

What Do We Believe In?

  • Work should be provided to all those who want it
  • Food, money and shelter should be a right for all those who work for them
  • All those who refuse to work should be given counseling, refused government services or both

What Are We Against?

  • Hunger
  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Handouts
  • Begging
  • Continuing programs that are proven failures

What We Will Do

  • Give those who are hungry the tools, knowledge and materials to produce their own food
  • Give work with an income great enough to escape poverty to those who are poor
  • Give those who are homeless the tools, knowledge and materials to build their own homes
  • Assist the less fortunate in acquiring their needs
  • Put an end to involuntary hunger, poverty and homelessness
  • Greatly reduce, if not eliminate the amount of money now being spent on hunger, poverty and homelessness (in turn reducing taxes)

Today's social programs are doing all they can to help, but things continue to get worse. Together we will reverse the tide. We will put the idle labor force to work in securing their own needs and by their own hands they will end hunger, poverty and homelessness.