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About Us

Global Glimpse takes a highly diverse group of juniors in high school abroad for 3 weeks during their summer break. Our program is built around active community service, culture, and leadership development. Our unique program empowers youth to become responsible global citizens and instills in them a life long passion for community involvement and education.

Global Glimpse believes that the success of students and schools in today's world requires more than a solid academic experience. The union of students from very different socioeconomic, ethnic, experiential, and demographic backgrounds brings incredible depth to our programs and force students to step outside their comfort zones and grow as individuals and leaders. A global education and perspective are more important than ever before and we work to ensure that the next generation is both inspired and successful. Global Glimpse believes in diversity, 70% of our students come from low income and minority families and receive scholarships and subsidies to participate in our program.

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