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(501(c )3 Status pending)

Nyasha Africa is Washington DC non-profit organization focused on Africa’s healthcare and education needs through partnerships with US corporations and technology solutions. Nyasha Africa also helps prevent the brain drain from Africa by offering opportunities for doctors, nurses, and teachers to be gainfully, self-employed therefore eliminating the need for them to migrate from the continent to seek greener pastures. This reduces the need for donor aid to the continent as countries become self-sufficient in healthcare and education.


·        Raising funds in the US to assist communities in Africa to build or upgrade primary care facilities, clinics, and hospitals.

·        Providing start-up capital for doctors and nurses to open healthcare facilities in poorly served communities.

·        Collecting donations of equipment including mobile devices, glucometers and blood pressure monitors from hospitals and suppliers in the US to provide to healthcare workers to set up mobile clinics in Africa for the monitoring and prevention of disease as well as acting as village centers for referring seriously ill patients to doctors or hospitals.

·        Creating partnerships with international eHealth service providers to introduce digital health and virtual patient exams to Africa.

·        Paying for the shipping and logistics of new and refurbished medical equipment from the US to clinics and hospitals in Africa.

·        Introducing technical tools and digital recordkeeping to healthcare facilities in Africa.

·        By starting healthcare facilities for African professionals, themselves to run, the organization provides a long-term sustainable solution to the critical shortage of healthcare in Africa.


·        Working with established players in the virtual education space to providing resources for teachers to teach online and for students for virtual education.

·        Requesting surplus and refurbed mobile devices, laptops and tablets from US manufacturers and telecoms companies to donate to students and teachers in Africa to allow them to learn virtually learning and donating funds for solar power installation.

·        Forming partnerships with tech companies like Google and Facebook to provide students with access to free or low-cost internet.

·        Forming partnerships with telecoms and internet providers to provide free or low-cost internet to students.

·        Forming partnerships with international educational institutions to provide free courses for Africa.

·        By accepting refurbed devices, Nyasha provides a sustainable solution for companies in the US to get rid of old equipment while making an impact to the lives of people in Africa.

a.      The Team

Nyasha Africa is in Washington DC with partners in Africa. The team at Nyasha Africa includes the CEO, Deborah Peters who has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Zimbabwe, a master’s degree in pharmacy from the University of London and a master’s in international business from Pepperdine University working with a team of volunteers and consultants in the US and Africa. The board includes Ruth Kanodereka, a disaster response nurse and Dr. Takura Tela, a Maryland-based, chiropractor. Strong relationships have been established with teachers in South Africa, doctors, the chief medical officer of Harare’s Emergency Response team, the head of the hospital doctors’ association of Zimbabwe, the head of the Nigerian Medical association and many top professionals in Africa. The doctors and teachers on ground make the purchasing decisions when equipment is acquired. This is a project by Africans in the Diaspora to assist the Africa continent. Most aid to Africa does not have an impact because it is imposed on Africans by Western donors who do not fully understand the issues on the ground. Nyasha Africa is Deborah Peters’ brain child but many other Africans had similar ideas so this non-profit is unique in forming partnerships with other organizations with similar ideas, with doctors, teachers and other implementors in Africa and with Corporate America which has the means to support such ventures. Nyasha Africa seeks technology solutions to leapfrog some of the infrastructure challenges that Africa faces.

The United Nation developed a call to action for all countries, developed and developing, to promote prosperity while protecting the planet which they called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To reach these ambitious goals, the UN recognizes the need to form global partnerships between governments, the private sector, and the philanthropic world. It is the mission, duty, and purpose of Nyasha Africa to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to improve healthcare and education provision in Africa. The non-profit organization is seeking technology solutions towards the global goal of universal healthcare and education for everyone.

Nyasha Africa is a non-profit which was set up in Washington DC with global partnerships in mind to address the following SDGs

·        SDG 3 Health and well-being for all: through expanding healthcare in Africa including:

o  Providing start-up capital for the building or renovation of hospitals and clinics, especially in villages, small towns, and areas with limited access to healthcare.

o  Partnering with technology companies to build e-Health, digital health or telemedicine solutions including mobile clinics to fast-track healthcare delivery.

o  Providing capital for implementing healthcare programs including screening, treatment, and disease prevention.

o  Promoting SDG 8, decent work, and economic growth because it creates workplaces for health workers to do their work.

·        SDG 4 Quality Education: supporting virtual education programs in Africa to tackle the shortage of schools on the continent by:

o  Providing online resources for teachers to teach online.

o  Partnering with telecommunications companies to provide free or low-cost internet.

o  Providing devices for students to be able to learn online.

·        SDG 15 Life on Land: by working with technology companies in the US as follows:

o  Providing a sustainable means of preventing e-Waste by accepting excess inventory or old laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to be refurbished and shipped to Africa to be donated to students, doctors, and nurses for the above programs.

o  Partnering with tech companies on their affordable access to internet programs like

·        SDG 17 Partnerships: fostering partnerships between US and Africa based organizations and professionals:

o  To assess the needs of educators in Africa and share best practices.

o  Partnering medical and nursing associations to share resources.

o  Forming partnerships between hospitals in the US to create opportunities for donations of equipment and excess materials to hospitals in Africa.

o  These donations also reduce poverty which is the aim of SDG 1.

(501(c )3 Status pending)

Nyasha Africa is Washington DC non-profit organization focused on Africa’s healthcare and education needs through partnerships with US corporations and technology solutions. Nyasha Africa also helps prevent the…

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