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About Us

The pureland project was created to help people reconnect with pure nature. Using the Buddhist practice of pureland meditation to recognize the true pure essence of all phenomenon, the project strives to support and encourage sustainable living. Our organization’s purpose is to educate through the non-sectarian teachings of Ahimsa/ nonviolence as a basis for sustainable lifestyles. We believe that sustainability of our pure earth is dependent upon the harmony of our bodies and minds.

The Pureland Project works to empower grassroots movements for environmental sustainability and community wellness through experiential education. The project serves to give voice and support to underserved communities using the principals of compassion and non-violence. The Pureland Project funds Garchen Rinpoche’s communities and three schools in Eastern Tibet. The project also provides services through its center in America at Ahimsa House, in Philadelphia. Which will serve as a training center for non-violence and healing arts, while also raising funds and awareness around the projects and wisdom in Tibet.