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The College of Education Mission

Our mission is making educational and social systems work for all—by developing the capabilities of professional educators and clinicians, advancing a culture of effective professional practice through research and evidence-based support, and strengthening the capacity and accountability of community and education agencies to design, provide and continuously improve individual and organizational learning, performance and progress.

Prevention Science Goals:

Goal #1: Graduates can describe theoretical models, risk and protective factors, preventive interventions (especially evidence-based ones), and implementation practices related to prevention programs and policies for diverse populations.

Goal #2: Graduates understand and adhere to the standards of knowledge for prevention science, including best practices in research design and methods, data analysis, interpretation, dissemination and rigorous ethical practice.

Goal #3: Graduates are committed to multicultural competence and enhancing human welfare in their scholarly work related to prevention science.

Goal #4: Graduates display professionalism in their relationships with faculty, staff, peers, and community partners in diverse settings.