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About Us

The mission of the Stapleton Foundation is to advocate, sustain and realize the principles of the 1995 Stapleton Development Plan.

Working with others, we will help create a community that is seamlessly connected to surrounding neighborhoods and communities and is a model in terms of education, employment, healthy living, housing, diversity and sustainable development.

In 1995, the Stapleton Foundation (the Foundation) published the Stapleton Master Development Plan, commonly known as the “Green Book”, in partnership with the Citizens Advisory Board (CAB), the Stapleton Tomorrow Committee and the City and County of Denver.

This partnership successfully encouraged Mayor Wellington Webb and the Denver City Council to officially adopt the Green Book and to create the Stapleton Development Corporation (SDC) to implement the vision of the Green Book. More than 10 years later, the Master Development Plan is still considered a visionary model of how cities can break the pattern of urban sprawl.

The Green Book’s innovative plan was recognized when the community received the 2002 Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities Award from the King of Sweden.

Today, the Foundation focuses primarily on three of the five “guiding principles” in the Green Book – environmental responsibility, social equity and economic opportunity. We belive these principles represent the “heart and soul’ of the Green Book. They underpin the development of the new community at Stapleton and the changes in neighboring communities to ensure the creation of a “sustainable urban community”.