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About Us

Our Mission: Promoting peace and harmony by increasing awareness and activism. The Voice of Peace Network is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization with a mission to increase awareness and activism by helping other non-profits tell their story. We strive to promote and support the voices of these organizations by producing positive content that helps to elevate their cause. As we build this network of “people helping people” together, we are one step closer to accomplishing our mission. We’re a new generation multi-media production company, the kind with a heart.

About Us:

Currently, we are reaching millions of people in over 160 countries and expanding. We are constantly evolving and looking to grow our organization.

We produce and operate a video Internet broadcasting network through our website, It presents specialty shows focusing on specific social issues along with playlists featuring our favorite artists.

We also have a partnership with, our counterpart in Europe and Middle East, to produce hour shows on their “radio station,” six days a week, reaching people all around world. Through our broadcasting network, we continue Voice of Peace Network’s mission through education and entertainment.

We are also an event production company that presents conferences and festivals, featuring our highly anticipated VOPN annual celebration. Our VOPN event showcases socially responsible organizations and better-for-you businesses, providing people with the opportunity to get involved.

What we do: We produce numerous types of positive content in order to help non-profits reach a larger audience and bring people together. These content includes: • Event Coverage • Promotional Videos • Testimonials & Interviews • Social Media Campaigns • Public Service Announcement Videos

Through positive content, we can increase awareness and activism by encouraging people to act, donate, and advocate for a change. We offer these services only to non-profits at no cost through the generosity of our sponsors, our partners, and donations from the public. We will also support these non-profits by spotlighting their cause on our Internet broadcasting network.

Our History: The original Voice of Peace, started by Abie Nathan, was an offshore radio station that broadcasted off a ship from 1973 to 1993 with the aim to communicate peace. Nathan bought a ship with the help of John Lennon, named it "The Peace Ship", and sailed it outside Israeli territorial waters. As one of the DJs on the ship during the 1980s, Richard Doran Ticho wanted to continue the mission and music of the Voice of Peace. Using his 20 plus years of production experience, Richard carried on the mission of peace by helping others through the founding of the Voice of Peace Network. In addition, he launched the Internet broadcasting network, to continue the original’s Voice of Peace values through education and entertainment.

The Voice of Peace Network is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.