Hattie Carthan Community Farmers Market

  • NY

About Us

The Hattie Carthan Community Farmers Market is a volunteer based and led community revitalization project in Central Brooklyn NYC. The Community Farmers Market is located on Clifton Place directly behind the Hattie Carthan Community Garden. The market runs throughout the warm months of the year increasing fresh food access to low-income community residents in a neighborhood classified as a "Fresh Food Desert."

The Hattie Carthan Community Market seeks to enhance the quality of life in the Bedford Stuyvesant Central Brooklyn area by:

Providing a quality market and entrepreneurial opportunities for a variety of locally grown and value added farm products and commodities directly to the customer. Preserving Brooklyn's agricultural heritage. Providing opportunities for farmers and people from the community to deal directly with each other rather than through third parties and thereby get to know and learn from one another. Providing a quality market which provides fresh locally grown food to community residents. Providing a community space that fosters intergenerational gatherings, healthy food education, food and farm justice activities and entrepreneurship.