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Haddouta Merseya for development and services is a non-profit organisation registered in 2018. Its main program "I am a genuine Egyptian"seeks to empower girls to have access to higher education to be effective leaders and agent of changes in their communities.

We are a group of friends and friends of friends who decided to give backto our community; to support girls to get access to higher education. Many of the group members got educational scholarships inside and outside Egypt to pursue their dreams and experienced personal and professional benefit of being lifelong learners. We do believe that giving backis one of our duties to our beloved country Egypt to support girls to have the same experience in fulfilling their dreams.

The "NOW" participants are the "TOMORROW" leaders of their initiative!

How the initiative started?

It was the revolution year of 2011, and the situation in Egypt was unstable and unsafe as well. Mr. Kamal decided to send his daughter “Manal” to the technical school. Technical school is just for a short period of time - 3 years; it is not a financially demanding school. The daughter was feeling down that her dream of joining the secondary school and college was fading away, but she was totally aware of her family financial status. In the summer of 2011, I met the father and he told me the story of his daughter Manal; I encouraged him to transfer her to secondary school to fulfill her dream to join the college after that. The second day I had “a text message” from the father that he transferred Manal’ admission papers to the secondary school. At that moment, I felt responsible and I started to support her financially, meeting and encouraging her as well. Now, Manal is studying at the college of Education, she is happy and feel more confident about herself. (Initiative team member)

This initiative started by one person/donor and extended to 20 persons who believe in supporting girls’ education. Manal’s story is the inspiration for this initiative as we believe there are many girls who are in the same position. That is why we decided to start our initiative “the right of access to higher education”

Some of the group members experienced receiving financial support to fulfil their dreams in studying abroad and they think that they could give back and support other girls to have the same experience in fulfilling their dreams as well.

I am a genuine Egyptian program برنامج انا مصرية اصيلة 

Main goal

Providing support to girls in marginalized communities to access quality higher education in order to play a leadership role in their communities and providing a role model to others. Working with the parents to reinforce the values of gender equality. This initiative also serves as a one mean for providing solidarity and contributes to social justice in the Egyptian society.

The initiative aims to help underprivileged girls to fulfill their dream to get access to quality higher education. We select girls who finished grade 9 with grades that enable them to join secondary school. After grade 9, many disadvantaged families tend to send their girls to technical schools where they spend 3 years and graduate afterward. They do that because technical schools are not financially exhausted as secondary school and University. By that stage, many dreams fade away and vanish due to the financial status of their families. Our goal is to reawaken the dreams of those girls and help them to have an enlighten future.

The initiative phases: 

First phase: Access to higher education

Objective: to empower the underprivileged girls by joining secondary school then the university.

We have already started in this phase; the initiative team is supporting financially 8 girls from different places in Egypt (3 from the marginalized area in Cairo, 3 from small villages in Minya, 1 from a Assuit, 1 from small villages in Luxor). The initiative provides them with monthly scholarship to spend on the educational material, tutoring lessons, and transportation. One graduated from the college of education and 7 still studying in colleges: 4 in college of education, 2 in college of Art and one studying to be a nurse.

Second phase: Girls capacity building program

Objective: to build the girls’ capacity and leadership skills to be active citizens and agent of change in their communities

The initiative team used to accompany girls along with their sisters for summer camps and conduct capacity building trainings (e.g. personal discovery, communication, teamwork, team-building, leadership, active citizenship, creative thinking, etc) to be able to deal with everyday situation in a constructive and positive way. The implementation of this phase is being implemented in the summer holidays. Our fourth educational camp was held last Summer in Cairo in Sept. 2018

Third phase: Working with the families

Objective: to empower the girls’ families by raising their awareness about the importance of constructive communication with their children.

We work with parents to be aware of the available opportunities / channels to hold the official accountable towards quality education such as school parents’ council. We will encourage them to play an active role to participate in the different accountability forums. This stage is being implemented along with the second phase.

Fourth phase: Team ongoing learning

Objective: to fulfill our citizenship responsibilities as an initiative team towards the society. This is a continued reflection interactions among the group members in order to keep the driving goal alive, to learn on the way to adjust any gap and to know how the interaction of different societal class could change the society dynamics.

Who is eligible?

  1. To be a student that finished grade 9 with grades that enables her from joining the secondary school. (The initiative may accept boys with exceptional circumstances)
  2. To be from underprivileged families and their financial status do not allow them from joining the university
  3. To be an ambitious student and serious in her study
  4. Priorities are for girls live in Upper Egypt, remote & marginalized area in Cairo and Lower Egypt.

Haddouta Merseya for development and services is a non-profit organisation registered in 2018. Its main program "I am a genuine Egyptian"seeks to empower girls to have access to higher education to be effective leaders and agent of changes…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Civic Engagement
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Women


  • 35 Abo Kela St. Madenet El Zehour, Ezbet El Nakhal

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