The Institute for Community Engagement

  • District of Columbia


900 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

Vision Statement

A transformed church and world that promotes communities where all people are cherished and flourish

Mission Statement

To equip leaders who are theologically grounded, contextually nimble and prophetically engaged in the public square

Spheres of Influence

The Institute for Community Engagement is Wesley Theological Seminary's presence in downtown Washington, D.C. The Institute sits at the crossroads of many influences:

  • Downtown urban congregations seeking to remain relevant to a gentrifying community
  • A neighborhood where homeless people and urban professionals cross paths but seldom engage
  • A terminus for Washington's "K Street" and its legions of power brokers at the foot of Capitol Hill where elected leaders legislate
  • A place where God’s glory is magnified as the church “turns itself inside-out” to become a force in the public square
  • A place where participating in the Reign of God requires teaching, learning and practicing social ministry entrepreneurship