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About Us

Since its inception in 1930, Art Center College of Design has sought to develop creative leaders who shape the form and function of our culture. Widely regarded as one of the premier schools of art and design in the world, the institution is a laboratory for innovation, and a center of international dialogue in design and visual communications. Art Center’s mission is to educate designers and artists who will advance the world of material and visual culture with thoughtfulness, conscience, vision and accomplishment. In the broadest sense, Art Center serves as an advocate for the relevance and importance of the visual arts for the well being of the global community. As an integral part of its broader educational mandate, Art Center provides public education programs for children, teens, adults and K-12 teachers, drawing more than 4,500 enrollments annually from local and regional communities. These classes reflect the same high standards and professional relevance that characterize the college’s degree programs. Art Center’s South Campus is the headquarters of a diverse array of programming for children and youth and continuing education for design professionals and lifelong learners. The South Campus continues to create new capacity and visibility for the college as well as innovative avenues for education in design and visual art for the community at large.