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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen individuals and families affected by addiction, poverty and homelessness. Bridges to Change is committed to stop the revolving door of recidivism. We stress personal accountability while providing tools, support, and services neccessary to expand our clients' horizons, help them pursue their goals, and maintain self-sufficient lives in the community.

Our Vision

Bridges to Change in partnership with community services empowers people to become fully integrated back into society. We honor diversity, and together our goal is to build a community that provides safety, respect, an dignity for all involved.

Community Benefits

Mentor Programs

Data from Washington County's current mentor program indicates this approach can yield very good results: 84% of the participants had no new arrests or parole violations while in the program; 84% of the participants secured full-time employment within four months of admission to the program; and 94% of participants secured stable, long-term housing within six months of admission, or are able to fully support themselves financially in transitional housing. The cost of re-incarcerating one individual back into Oregon's state prison is $30,828 annually. To this add the cost of their crime (theft, assault, etc.) plus that of the county's law enforcement officers, jail, corrections center, prosecutor and courts. The annual cost of mentoring one individual in the Reentry Mentor Program currently administered by Washington County is $882

Multnomah County Criminal Justice Commission

The Criminal Justice Commission just completed a study of the REC program in Multnomah county. They found that there was a 54% reduction in recidivism in the treatment group in comparison to the control group. Both groups were equal in age, race, criminal history, criminal history risk score, and other measures in order to get an accurate study.

Our Programs

Clackamas County Mentor Program Multnomah County Mentor Program Washington County Mentor Program Anger Management Homeless to Work Program Re-entry Enhancement Coordination Volunteers of America InAct OSP 7th Step Foundation Mentor Reach-In