Europe-Africa Development Initiative

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About Us

We are a Non profit organisation known as the Europe-Africa Development Initiative. Our head quarter is found in Sweden. We are currently embarking on a three projects right now focusing on Africa this time.These include: 1.0)Water and Sanitation projects for the poor communities in Africa 2.0)Providing ICT Education for the underprivileged 3.0)Establishment of Orphanages for the homeless and needies

Who are we looking for

We are looking for people who can sponsor, support or partner with our Organisation in one way or the other be it Financially (We need 100000euro), materially (cars, vehicles to reach the hinderland), morally or offer some kind of voluntary services for us. We are also looking for academicians who can conduct research on diverse topics on the development related issues of Africa.

ALSO ENTREPRENEURS who want to transfer their talents to the underprivileged in Africa. if you have any skills in IT, web design etc, it will be great asset to us.

We are also planning to expand our activities to other nations such USA, UK, ASIA, Australia, New Zealand and other EUROPEAN countries. We therefore seek for Development and Business representatives in these nations to apply. please send us your inquiries through

Those who are interested in Development and Business Diplomacy, International relations, Economics, sociology and all fields of studies related to development and Management you are also welcome to apply.

We expect individuals of all works of life who wants to bring a change i their community to contact us and work with us towards the development of their nations.

This is just a brief of what we do, please contact us for more information. This is our website below Website:

Please contact us in case you are interested to be our Development and Business Dilomat or if you want to suppor/sponsor our movement. We are confident that there will be lots of benefits for all who take a step.