Redeemer Lutheran Church, North Minneapolis

  • MN


1800 Glenwood Ave N
United States

About Us

Redeemer Lutheran Church A “Beacon of Hope” in North Minneapolis, MN

Located one mile west of Downtown Minneapolis on Glenwood Avenue, Redeemer Lutheran Church’s 100-year story continues to unfold as our diverse community worships and serves together reflecting the kingdom of God on earth.

Our congregation’s deep impulse is towards a dynamic, impactful ministry through the development of authentic, transformational relationships and open doors with the surrounding community.

As a “beacon of hope” in North Minneapolis, we worship and pray together as well as study the bible and provide a variety of activities and opportunities for ministry that include all-ages choir, clarinet choir, capoeira, hip-hop dance, sewing, sunday school, quilting, and youth group, to mention a few.

The mission of Redeemer Lutheran Church is to be a beacon of hope to residents of the Harrison Neighborhood, to the people of North Minneapolis, and for the greater church around the world.