Children's Beach House

  • Delaware


1800 Bay Avenue
United States

About Us

Children's Beach House (CBH) is a Delaware-based 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that fulfills founder Lydia Chichester du Pont's vision to help children with special needs reach their highest potential as functioning members of their families and the communities. 

Miss Lydia founded Children's Beach House in the early 1930s as a place where she could help children with special needs benefit from the same healing qualities that she had derived from the coastal environment. 

Although the Children's Beach House has several programs, the Camp is a part of the Youth Development Program. 

This program serves children ages 7-18 with the following developmental delays and disabilities: 

Fine to gross motor delays 

Speech and/or language delays 

Auditory processing/hearing challenges 

Interpersonal and/or social communication difficulties 

Children's Beach House (CBH) grants preference for admission to disadvantaged children with high contextual risks such as low family income or other circumstances. 

Services are available to all regardless of race, creed, national origin, handicaps, or ability to pay. Referrals to the program come from school professionals, pediatricians, clergy, or parents. 

The Youth Development Program is based upon Positive Youth Development, a current research-based theory. 

Positive Youth Development is defined as a process which prepares young people to meet the challenges of adolescence through a coordinated, progressive series of activities and experiences, which help them to become socially, morally, emotionally, physically, and cognitively competent. (Collaboration for Youth Members) 

This asset-based approach seeks to strengthen the time-tested supports that reduce risks and foster resilience in children and youth. 

Central to the CBH initiative is the belief that families are the most fundamental factor influencing young people. Therefore, our program directs a great deal of time and energy to cultivating and safeguarding the family unit. 

Youth are further supported when given the opportunities to develop relationships with caring, competent adults. Our staff, volunteers, and case managers serve as additional positive adult role models with whom our children can relate. 

Lastly, we believe that families are strongest when safe and thriving communities support them. Our program endeavors strengthen the connections among youth, families, and communities. Our case managers work with parents to identify local resources that supply additional support for their families.