Newlin Grist Mill

  • PA


219 S. Cheyney Road
Glen Mills
United States

About Us

Newlin Grist Mill is a non-profit organization dedicated to the purpose of preserving, operating, and interpreting the historic structures and160-acre property as a non-profit organization. In an area of urban growth, Newlin Grist Mill maintains open land as a refuge for plants, animals and birds, and for the people who come to enjoy them. In an era of high technology, it offers visitors insights into the vanished life of the rural eighteenth century.

The Newlin Grist Mill and the surrounding 160-acre park is a place for exploration of both history and the environment. With its working grist mill, programs, and nature trails, the Newlin Grist Mill is where learning is fun! Whether you are interested in history, education, the environment, meeting new people, or just looking for a new experience, there is a place for you at Newlin Grist Mill!