Associazione Coida Onlus

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About Us

Constituted non-profit organization, non-profit, apolitical and non-denominational, aims to create multipurpose center for Disabled through sport where the barriers of socio-cultural diversity. Driven by a passion for sports, culture and education, we have shown with our project to improve the conditions of our Nation.

COIDA, thanks to a partnership never achieved until now with the region of Marche, Pesaro-Urbino , marks the path of our country by creating a unique opportunity.

In fact it is a social marketing project called the "Cause Related Marketing CRM acting on the awareness of social issues in order to get closer to the company engaged on this front.

Our goals are:

  • implementation, organization and management of health-introduction to the sport for presone disabled and in need of psychological and physical discomfort;
  • performance within these centers of activity for the recovery of mental and motor disabilities and mental and physical hardship;
  • studies and workshops for the development of bio dynamic;
  • study, promotion and dissemination of medical and scientific research for the disabled and people suffering from psycho-physical state of;
  • action, promotion and conduct of educational-training suitable for the training of specialized personnel for the handling and care of disabled and disadvantaged persons in;
  • the preparation to the conduct of sports activities for disabled and disadvantaged;
  • implementation and management of "retirement home" for disabled and disadvantaged people with related schools, kindergartens, shops structured and designed specifically for disabled;
  • promotion through the media, both traditional and innovative channels, activity centers, in order to raise public awareness removal of architectural barriers and common life between disability and "normality";
  • production of magazines, documentaries and more fit for the purposes set out and promoting scientific research in medicine is that bio mechanical;
  • raise funds for shares of found reasing, sponsorships, events and more for the sustenance of the centers, its construction and financing of medical and scientific research;
  • fundraising, donations, bequests, sponsors and other economic resources for non-severe and severe as little as possible on public budgets.

Our hallmark is the maximum transparency and constantly indicating specifically how and where the proceeds are used both in reference to the construction of the center, both in relation to operating costs.