MSU Organic Farmer Training Program

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About Us

The MSU Student Organic Farm is a 15-acre, certified organic year-round teaching and production farm. Our markets include 48-week CSA, Summer CSA, 7-month on campus farm stand, and sales to MSU dining halls. We use passive solar greenhouses or hoophouses to produce and distribute fresh produce all year long.

The farm also operates an intensive 9-month Organic Farmer Training Program (OFTP) in year-round organic farming focusing on diversified production of vegetables, livestock, flowers, fruits, herbs for local markets. The program emphasizes student learning in hands-on farm management and decision-making as well as development of necessary farming skills and knowledge.

The farm also collaborates with MSU faculty to create learning opportunities for other students at MSU through courses in organic farming, interdisciplinary experiential educational activities, and research opportunities.

SOF production is carried out by our dedicated students made up of SOF Farm Crew, OFTP students, and wonderful volunteers. We also have outreach and extension programming that works with private and public farms and organizations in both rural and urban areas to help them develop year round local food production systems.