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In India, unemployment is a major problem. It keeps growing and gets complicated every day. Unemployment has reached a stage that from politicians to a common man wonder, whether unemployment could be solved in India!

Apart from both central and state Governments, thousands of NGOs and other private agencies are trying to solve the problem with various programs / inputs. But the achievement is not significant when compared to the extent of the problem.

Unemployed are not aware as, why they are unemployed, what are the feasible employment options available, what support are available to them to improve their employability and how to tap such support etc.

Inputs / programs are made available to unemployed by every agency, but without integrating with other agencies and also without a commitment. Hence, a proper coordination with all Government & non-government agencies, an effective action plan to address unemployment and a strong commitment to achieve the set goals are much needed.

To solve this problem some one has to work to study the problem thoroughly in all possible dimensions and identify the areas need to be reorganized and also to develop a proper project to experiment and evolve a suitable model to address the problem.

I have been working with all sections of people, all over the country, for the last 25 years, as a HRD practitioner. This is my strength and inspiration to commit for the mission and started an NGO to work for this mission.

Our NGO is committed to lay a new road to the complex destination. Our priority is to properly coordinate with all institutions, government & non-government, national & international, to work as partners , in handling unemployment with a mission to evolve a developmental and sustainable model.

Our experiment is to sponsor unemployed educated youth for one year and give them all needed inputs and coordinate all the resources effectively, for them to improve their employability and fetch a reasonable job either, or get settled with a meaningful self-employment, some how.

The project will be tried out in one district first and benefits of the project can be extended to all the districts in the country in collaboration with Government, NGOs and donors. It is a 6 years project with preparatory, research, integration, implementation and consolidation phases. It can also help develop volunteerism in each panchayat to improve the quality of life of people.

It is a big challenge. We are the first to take up the challenge with courage. If this effort yields results, it can drastically change the economics of India and also can help other developing countries. Youth can better contribute to youth development and also the youth force can bring out the needed positive changes in the society.

We need the support of national and international agencies and individuals to achieve our goal of successfully developing a sustainable model to handle unemployment. We welcome corporate institutions, donor agencies, universities, NRIs etc. to help us in this noble mission. We need funds, ideas & useful information to succeed in our mission.

Hence, I am trying to impress a larger population to get involved in this mission as partners, well- wishers, volunteers etc. Even if you contribute a little money, it is precious to our efforts. If you can spend even a little time to impress the people in your area to take interest in the project, it will be great. I am sure, with all your support, in another 6 years, we will be able to speak assertively with our successful model.

Please let us know whether you are interested in our mission, so that I can share further details of our work. Also kindly indicate as how you can help us. In case, you need further information, please don't hesitate to ask. Please forward this letter \ e-mail to as many known persons as possible, whom you think, may appreciate this.