l'Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité

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About Us


The OPC is an apolitical and secular organisation. It works towards the sustainable development of countries, hand-in-hand with their local communities and the existing health and educational authorities.

The OPC’s work in the field of ocular health involves the dissemination of information and technology which has been specifically tailored to the local environment, in order to ensure the self-sustainability of the services that have been put in place.


The OPC’s missions, in the French-speaking countries in which it operates are:

  • To research, promote, and prevent diseases that cause visual impairments and blindness;
  • To contribute to the provision of services in the field of eye health and the prevention of blindness, and to encourage all other initiatives in this area;
  • To carry out studies on the causes of visual impairment, to address these findings and to make use of them in our projects;
  • To organise and run eye care programmes in order to educate the public about the magnitude and severity of blindness;
  • To develop human resources in the eye care field.


  • An organisation to which donors and beneficiaries continue to have complete confidence due to the openness of our accounts and the control of our budget;
  • An experienced voice in the promotion of eye care;
  • A recognised organisation that offers quality services for the implementation of programmes to fight against blindness;
  • An organisation which passes on knowledge in the field of ophthalmology and public health.