Child-to-Child Trust

About Us

Since 1979 Child-to-Child has existed as an international network promoting children’s participation in health and development. The Child-to-Child Trust was formally established in 1987 and is based at the University of London’s Institute of Education. Over the past 30 years Child-to-Child is known to have spread to over 70 countries worldwide and has impacted over a million children annually.

Our mission is to encourage and enable children and young people to promote the holistic health, well-being and development of themselves, their families and their communities worldwide. In order to do this we promote child-centred, active learning approaches that engage children on health and development issues. Children then disseminate their learning to other children, their families and their wider communities through participatory research activities.

To advocate for these approaches the Trust produces publications and teaching aids and provides training courses and consultancies. We work through both local partners in-country as well as through large international organisations such as Unicef and UNESCO.