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About Us

The role of Hands of Hospice Foundation: Finding the means to help others. There are many community service and specialty programs within Hospice agencies that are not covered by public or private insurance plans. These services are funded by generous donations from corporations, foundations and individuals. These services include: 1. Bereavement Programs: support services for grieving children and adults 2. Necessities of Life Program: Direct financial and practical assistance to hospice families in need, such as food bank assistance, telephone, utility bills, transportation expenses, medications unrelated to the hospice diagnosis, unusual medical devices/equipment, and funeral expenses 3. Last Wish Program: Help hospice agencies grant their patient’s last wish. Many times this means just flying their families home for one last time. 4. Volunteer Program: training and deploying patient care and bereavement volunteers. 5. Palliative Care Program: Assist patients who are chronically ill and need assistance in the community 6. Medical Missions: Sending staff over seas to teach proper hospice care techniques