Renewable Energy in Lao PDR

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About Us

The Lao Institute for Renewable Energy (LIRE) was founded in October of 2006 by Lao companies, organizations, and agencies with the common vision to establish a platform for renewable energy research in Lao PDR. LIRE is a government-authorised Non Profit Association (NPA) operating under the Lao Union of Science and Engineering Associations (LUSEA), the umbrella organisation set up by the Lao National Science Council (NSC) in 2001.

What we do: The institute offers agronomical, technological and socio-economic research services, and works to provide free public resources. We also welcome consultancy in RE field. Finally, we consider water a source of life, so we moved into this sector to increase awarness, quality and accessibility to this natural resource.

The MISSION of LIRE is to: - explore, develop and sustain efforts for making Laos develop its own renewable energy sector and better use its natural resources. - fosters every effort to sustain good living conditions for human being without jeopardize environment. Our mission can be achieve through technology research, dissemination, advocacy and providing information to all stakeholder (from villagers, to private sector and policy makers) within the Lao PDR. Our core activity purpose is to provide energy prices that are commercially viable and affordable to most of the Lao people and looking at sustainable solutions which benefit to community without jeopardize environment. LIRE strives to find solutions and options which answered to these both challenges.

LIRE recognises that, in order for renewable energy technologies to offer a long-term solution for Lao PDR we think that: - it must be a small scale projects to ensure sustainability and limit consequences to local culture and environment. - it is essential to establish local expertise for the operation and maintenance of systems. The institute develops training and resources for the end user, and promotes renewable energy technologies as alternatives to traditional practices through educational initiatives.

Much of the research undertaken at LIRE is performed a comprehensive team of local assisted by international specialists or volunteers actually in-house, including economists, engineers, agronomists and data managers. In addition to facilitating the transfer of expertise to permanent staff, projects also benefit from first-hand insight into the Lao context, which is especially advantageous for field research.