Hartford Dismas House

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About Us

Dismas House is a supportive community for former prisoners transitioning from incarceration.


The Mission of Dismas of Vermont Is To Reconcile Prisoners With Society And Society With Prisoners.


Dismas House is a supportive community for former prisoners transitioning from incarceration and university/college students who are also in transition with their lives. Living in community accomplishes the Dismas mission of reconciliation. Community is fundamentally about relationship and it is precisely the relationship between the offender and their community that is broken, first by the crime committed and subsequently by the resulting incarceration. In reconciliation, wholeness is restored to the former prisoner and to society.

General Information

Vermont presently has three residential programs. Buell Street Dismas (BSD) in Burlington was established in 1986 and Rutland Dismas House opened in 1990. In May 2008, we opened East Allen Dismas (EAD) in Winooski. In 2013, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening our 4th Dismas House, this time in the Upper Valley in Hartford Vermont.

We have instituted a Satellite Apartment Program (3/4 way) in both Burlington and Rutland to answer the great need for affordable and transitional housing. Residents who are in good standing and have spent at least three months at Dismas House may apply to live in one of our apartments, each apartment having three residents. They may live there six to twelve months, working to save enough funds to ensure a successful transition into independent living.