Center for Socially Responsible Business at Mills College

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About Us

The Mills Center for Socially Responsible Business (CSRB) is a hub of ideas, people, resources, and possibilities.  Run through the Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Mills College, the CSRB seeks to create opportunities for present and future leaders to connect, share ideas, and engage in learning experiences around a shared value of social responsibility.  We believe that by reimagining our current systems, we can create the avenues for all ventures to become environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as economically prosperous.

Our Vision: 
To build a thriving network of individuals whose synergy will create meaningful and positive impact in our communities, government, economy, and the world. We will achieve this vision by:
  • Creating learning opportunities for our students within the GSB to grow their expertise in social ventures
  • Partnering with social ventures and support organizations to deliver conferences, workshops, classes, and other events both here at Mills and in our community
  • Convening and connecting people and organizations to build a strong ecosystem of cross-sector partnerships
  • Publishing research, news and reports that further the conversation about organizations striving to make a strong financial return while they have a positive social or environmental impact.