School of Cooperative Individualism

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About Us

The School of Cooperative Individualism is an online education and research project established in 1997 to introduce a broad audience to the principles and history of cooperative individualism. The SCI website contains an extensive library of materials available without charge, as well as links to many other organization websites that share SCI's principles and purpose. SCI is active as a member of the Council of Georgist Organizations, which hosts an annual conference to discuss public policy issues and celebrate the writings of the 19th century political economist and reformer Henry George. SCI has an informal relationship with two other educational entities that teach political economy based on the writings of Henry George (the Henry George Institute and the Henry George School of Social Science). Individuals interested in coursework or attending forums, etc. are referred to these institutions. Also, SCI has an extensive online library and entertains submissions for addition to the library to be made available without charge to the public.