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Village Barkalikapur
District 24 Parganas (South)


About Us

Parivaar is a non-denominational, humanitarian organisation based in West Bengal, India. At Parivaar, we believe changing the destinies of children will change the destiny of India. For over 10 years,Parivaar has worked toward the total care and overall development of children who are highly vulnerable to exploitation, victimization and trafficking, including orphans, street children, abandoned children, and extremely impoverished children from tribal areas.

We provide residential living, education, and physical activity in a loving and caring atmosphere for boys and girls.

With over 800 children, Parivaar is one of the largest free residential homes for kids from destitute backgrounds in Eastern India. We are seen as a model institution in the field of caretaking and overall development of vulnerable children, winning the 2011 National Child Welfare Award: the highest recognition by the Indian Government.

Parivaar’s mission is to provide a safe and loving environment where highly vulnerable children can grow and thrive. We believe that by providing education, exposure to the arts, healthy physical activity and all-around care, these children can fully realize their potential as the next generation of a changing India.

Our vision is to reach as many children as possible throughout India and, by changing the destinies of these children, change the destiny of India itself.