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About Us

We are a family who runs a family NGO.

It was created 27 years ago, reaching thousands of people in many different programs throughout the years. Today we live in a small farm where is also located the Children's Home, which was created to shelter and educate around 60 orphan and unprotected children from the surrounding villages. More than that, we created several programs to develop and empower the poor communities, including water/sanitation programs, health camps, microcredit for woman's and communities' empowerment and different forms of disaster help.

The South Indian's, and Tamil Nadu's, culture is very unique. In this region existed one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, and these remote roots are still present today in the culture of the locals. There is no better way of understanding a place and its people than to live with the ones who help the unprotected. With the goal on empowerment, we're searching for ways to improve the quality of living and the future of all the people.

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