The Minga Foundation

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1823 Westridge Rd
Los Angeles
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About Us


The Minga Foundation partners with individuals and community-based organizations in underserved communities to improve socioeconomic conditions and health equity. Through collaborative and respectful partnerships, we build capacity, create and strengthen networks, and provide resources based on locally-identified needs. Our goal is to empower those seeking a healthier future for their communities.


We envision a world where all communities are able to improve their own health and wellbeing.


The Minga Foundation supports community-based and locally-driven efforts. Based on our experience and values as an organization, we hold the following beliefs about working with communities to help them achieve their goals:

  • All individuals have the right to reach their full human potential.
  • We all share a moral responsibility to create an equitable and just world.
  • Partnerships based on trust, respect and transparency are essential for responsible development work.
  • Mutual enrichment and growth is an essential part of international relationships.
  • Communities should identify and address their own needs.
  • Individuals and communities can generate powerful social change.
  • We must give voice to traditionally underrepresented members of our partner communities.